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XT60 Serial Charge Cable X3
XT60 Serial Charge Cable X3

XT60 Serial Charge Cable X3

Part Number: XT6SER3
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This cable can be used to charge two or three batteries at the same time in series, when used with the proper adaptor board.   To charge your Lipo batteries in series, please make sure all your batteries have the same capacity and the same voltage.  If there is a significant difference in the voltage of the batteries, it will make balancing difficult.   When your batteries are connected in series, the batteries can be regarded as a single pack with an unchanged capacity, but the charge will see the cells as the sum of the total number of cells of all batteries. - For example, when you connect three 3S 11.1V 2200mAh batteries in series, the capacity is still 2200mAh, but the total number of cells is 9.  So the charger sees this as one 9S 33.3V 2200mAh battery.  The charger / balancer monitors each cell individually and balances it accordingly.   It is important to note that in this example, if you are charging at 1C, you will set your charger at 2.2A - NOT 6.6A!

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