Jesse Allen
Marion, Ohio

Hello, my name is Jesse Allen and I'm proud to be a part of the Only Fine Heli's team. I'm from Marion Ohio and I have been flying RC for over 10 years, both airplane and helicopter. I love going to events and meeting new people and I love helping people learn to fly, building models, and helping others fix problems. I really love to night fly! 


My heli of choice is Synergy and I fly Rail blades. I fly a Vbar control radio, MKS and Xpert servos along with Scorpion power systems in most of my helis.  The best thing I enjoy about this hobby is simply the people involved in it. 

Cullen Colapietro
Rossford, Ohio

My name is Cullen Colapietro, a proud member of the OFH family.  I became obsessed with RC while living in France as a local hobby shop had a lovely display.  When I moved home I started building RC cars and trucks.  In 2008 I moved to Columbus and met the folks at KBDD just as I started getting interested in RC flight.  That relationship and access to experienced builders (and Finless Bob’s videos) gave me the confidence to dive head first into the hobby.  I haven’t looked back since!  I enjoy helping others in the hobby, attending events, building models and flying 3D.

Mike Dipalo
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mark Herring
Wilmington, North Carolina

Ed Johnson
Dumont, New Jersey

I’ve been in RC since I was a young child, mostly RC cars and boats.  I started to get into aircraft (planes) as a teenager but I had a radio issue that lead to the loss of the entire aircraft.  After that, I put the RC hobby aside for a while and enjoyed saltwater fishing.  I bought a boat and spent lots of money on my fishing hobby. Many years later I moved to NJ and had to sell the boat in the process. Then I took up the hobby of RC helicopters and began spending lots of money on them. I am starting to see a pattern here. :-) Other hobbies I enjoy include amateur photography and home theater technology.  I also co-host the RC Heli Hooligan Podcast with Walt Rager.

Kevin Kientz
Clifton, New Jersey

Michael Ludtke
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

Devin McClellan
Stanhope, New Jersey

Daniel Murnane
Randallstown, Maryland

I've been flying since 2012. I started with the typical mall coaxial, and it's just been downhill from there. My first "real" helis were electric flybarless models, and early on couldn't see myself liking nitro. That lasted until I got my first 50 size nitro, and I was immediately hooked. My fleet is mostly nitro these days, and I have a nitro 700 flybar that's more fun than it has any right to be.

Alex Rose

Andy Ross
Morristown, Tennessee

I dabbled in RC around 2008 with Blade micros (MCX2, MSR, up to the 120SR) - all fixed pitch stuff. I got out of the hobby for a while after my first child in 2009 and then picked it back up in 2014. I enjoy flying planes of all types, but my passion is RC helis!

In the last year or so, I’ve really focused on improving my heli skills and have become a active member of the heli community. I’m very honored to be a part of the team here at Only Fine Helis. I enjoy electric, nitro, and gasser models from many different brands, and as part of the OFH family I love having the opportunity to help other pilots out with issues or questions at events. I’m also a co-host on the FreeFallRC podcast with my friends Steve and Kevin.

Tom Shin
Atlanta, Georgia

Kenny Sierra
Marble Falls, Texas

Originally from a little town in West Texas, I started into RC hobbies back in the mid-eighties racing Dumas Tunnel hull boats running K&B 3.5 nitro outboard motors. I was pretty active in the local area racing boats and fooling around with RC buggies until I moved to Marble Falls Texas in June of 94 when I had to take a short break.

In 2000 I purchased my first Real Flight simulator and in 2001 I purchased my first helicopter.  It was a Lite Machine, Corona 150 - man this thing flew bad but fun.  Things moved rather quickly progressing through several different models over the years. I ended up flying a Raptor 50 v2 nitro for several years learning how to fly.  I now have several models to choose from and I am still learning.  Eighteen years later and lots of crash’s later my passion for model helicopters is no less today than the first day I picked up my Corona 150.

Richard Sloan - (aka Sloan Richards)
Niederwald, Texas

Hi I’m Sloan, I’ve been flying since 1999 when I started flying airplanes.  My first plane was a 40 sized Super Chipmunk Sport plane with Futaba AM radio - it was not the ideal trainer.  I learned how to fly it on my own and flew it for about 6 months before I crashed it then I picked up a Kyosho Nexus 30 heli. It was my first heli build.

I built the heli and quickly crashed it.  It was so hard I almost gave up but I didn’t, so I picked up my second heli - a Raptor 30 v1. I learned how to hover and that was about it.  I put it down for a couple years and then wanted to get back into the hobby so in ‘05 I got a Trex 500 and I learned so much with that heli.

I’ve been flying ever since with various models so many to list. I love this hobby and the community it brings together. There are so many friends I’ve met along the way and I’m always willing to help others to help to get them where they want to go.     Hope to see you on the flight line.    May the Force be with you…

My style is 3D smack and my current fleet is 2 TRex 700X, TRex 700XN, Oxy 4 Max, Oxy 3, Hobbywing, Vbar, Vbar Control, and Xpert.

Dana Smith
North Royalton, Ohio

Hello, I’m Dana Smith from Cleveland, Ohio.  I’ve been hooked on RC helicopters for quite some time now.  Somewhere around 2012 my wife bought me an Airhogs coaxial heli as a gag gift. Little did she know what that had in store… a few weeks later I was blindly spending money on a 2.4ghz radio and heli by Walkera! Wasted a lot of money in 6 months or so then bought a Walkera 500 and added an iKon flybarless unit. Holy smokes what a transformation!  From there moved up and landed an Outrage Fusion 50.  Now things are rolling!

I’m an industrious individual.  I work in the CNC machine industry as a field service technician, later engineering, and now sales and engineering.  I find that this hobby encompasses so many technical elements from mechanical to electrical to software, it fits right in with my way of life.

I fly mostly helicopters, like Synergy (766, N5c, 516), MSH (Protos Max), and Oxy.  Always pleased with MSH Electronics Brain2 and IKon2, Spirit Flybarless, and my Jeti DS-16 radio.  I even have a couple of planks that I’m just getting acquainted with.  As most of us know this hobby is quite consuming and challenging, that’s what keeps me hooked.  Constantly learning and aspiring to be that 3d heli pro, lol!  I look forward to fun fly’s and being social and I love to help and troubleshoot issues.

Look forward to seeing you at the field, Cheers!

Mike Soby
Canfield, Ohio

My name is Mike Sobinovsky aka Mike Soby.  I was born in August of 1988 and I have been in the hobby since 2012. I started into the hobby flying planes and then grew a new love for helicopter flying in 2015. Flying helicopters has become a passion of mine along with helping others start and grow in the hobby.  I enjoy spreading my knowledge of the hobby to anyone willing to listen and learn. I am also my local clubs Safety Director and Event Coordinator. I spend most of my time flying on the weekends and when I am not flying I enjoy hunting and archery, as well as camping and being outdoors. If you see me at an event please come and say hi, I would be glad to meet you.

Richard Spiegel
Buda, Texas

Caleb Turner
Clarksville, Virginia

My name is Caleb Turner and I am 16 years old.  When I was 8, my parents bought me a coaxial helicopter at CVS for Christmas that ended up not working (big surprise).  After exchanging it and that one not working either, they took the money and went to a local hobby shop and bought a Blade mcx instead and the rest is history.  I started flying collective pitch when I was 9 and now enjoy flying several different models with nitro being my favorite.  When I’m not at an event helping Dad with the shop and flying, I enjoy hunting, fishing, playing with my cousins, music and church activities.