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Synergy N7 Kit
Synergy N7 Kit

Synergy N7 Kit

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Synergy N7 Kit
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This is the Synergy N7 Flybarless Torque Tube Nitro Helicopter Kit - A nitro powered 700 class helicopter with modern mechanics and an innovative design.


  • Neutral CG Fuel Tank: Quite possibly the first nitro powered helicopter to ever boast a neutrally positioned fuel tank. Historically, fuel tanks have been located either far behind the main shaft, or far in front of the main shaft which means your Center of Gravity will change drastically from the beginning of the flight until the end. Changes to the CG during flight negatively affect flight characteristics. The Synergy design allows the N7 to stay balanced on the main shaft through out the entire flight!
  • Modular Frame Design: The Synergy N7 is comprised of a front frame which is separated from the rear frame. This means if you have a crash and break the front quadrant, you only have to replace the front quadrant. Separating the frames provides easy maintenance and reduced flying costs. The frames are joined by three T6-6061 Aluminum bearing blocks and a rigid carbon fiber bottom plate.
  • Direct Drive CCPM: Modern flybarless electronics are designed with a direct to the swash linkage in mind. Why add the complexity and weight of bell cranks when it is not needed?
  • Giant CNC Delrin Helical Main Gear: The custom helical angle ensures smooth, quiet power transfer with minimal motor loading and instant recovery after a load.
  • Mod 1.25 CNC Delrin Tail Drive Gears: These beefy gears will withstand even the most aggressive 3d pilot! Do not settle for molded gears in a model helicopter!!
  • Ultra Light Weight: Weighing in at 9.5lbs (without fuel) the Synergy N7 is one of the most aggressive nitro model helicopters ever to be produced.
  • High Detail Canopy: A high-detail canopy stylized with unique scalloping and side molding really makes the Synergy N7 helicopter stand out.
  • Adjustable Tail Ratio: Want to run a higher head speed but maintain a reasonable tail speed? No problem, the Synergy N7 comes stock with a 4.9:1 tail ratio that can be changed to 4.5:1 if you desire.
  • Multiple Main Gear Ratios: Want to run the Synergy N7 as a 600 class helicopter with a 90 nitro motor? Want to run the OS GT15 gas motor at a different gear ratio? You can do it! The Synergy N7 includes a 17 tooth pinion and a 139T main gear. Optional pinions are available to accommodate many different configurations.
  • Many More Features: There are many more features and options with the Synergy N7. This page will be updated as more details are released.

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