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Spin Blades Black Belt 435mm Main Blades
Spin Blades Black Belt 435mm Main Blades

Spin Blades Black Belt 435mm Main Blades

Part Number: SPIN435
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Spin Blades Black Belt 435 Main Blades 

Length: 435mm
Root = 10mm
Hole: 3mm
Width: 46mm
Weight: Approximately 60 grams per blade

We are proud to introduce an evolution in blade design and this is our new Black Belt range of performance blades. Listening to the requirements and wishes of our customers, utilizing the combined expertise of our team pilots, the know how of the designer and the technicians in our production department we are certain that this new design and production method will set new boundaries and help pilots create ever more demanding and breath taking performances.

This unique airfoil has been selected to compliment the ever demanding needs of modern machines of both Nitro and electric. We have created a blade which has optimum aerodynamic capability by having a constant drag factor over the entire blade length which by design has increased efficiency dramatically (test runs in the wind tunnel have proved a drag reduction of 30% has been achieved). Therefore cyclic reaction times are sharper and faster than previous Spin designs with greater acceleration and deceleration compared to the other conventional blade on the market.

We've also improved the blade production process. The bolt hole will no longer be drilled but is now constructed during the layering process in our factory. By doing this, the fibers will not be cut or destroyed resulting in a higher breaking strain without adding any additional raw material or weight. 

Our pilots have paid special attention to the visual presence in the air and the new design maximizes the detection of flight attitudes enabling you to concentrate on your manuever and less time focusing on airspace position.  As always the new Black Belt blade will be instantly recognizable retaining our unique image and unforgettable sound that will forever be associated with Spin Blades.

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