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Scorpion Anti-Slip Pit Mat
Scorpion Anti-Slip Pit Mat

Scorpion Anti-Slip Pit Mat

Part Number: SC-Anti-Slip-Pit-Mat
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The Scorpion Anti-Slip Pit Mat is the perfect surface to cover your table or workbench while performing repairs on your RC aircraft, helicopter, car or boat. This foamed PVC rubber mesh stays firmly in place on your work surface, and the soft texture of the mat prevents any dropped screws or small parts from bouncing off the table and landing on the floor. Measuring 750 mm tall by 820 mm wide (29.5 x 32.3 inches), the Pit Mat can be easily cut to size with scissors into smaller sizes as needed.


´ Material: Eco-Friendly PVC Foam
´ Size: 750 x 820 mm
´ Thickness: 2.0 mm
´ Color: Black

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