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RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge
RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge

RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauge

Part Number: 40001RC
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Flybarless RC helicopters make it difficult for pilots to adjust and check the pitch set-up of helicopter main rotor blades. The new Digital Pitch Gauge from RC Logger offers simplicity, high accuracy and ultra fast pitch angle measurement. The pitch gauge is powered by two CR2032 button cells and allows blades up to 700 mm. The gauge is detachable from the mounting plate and secured via magnets. A perfect tool for accurate blade and pitch alignment which is essential for flybarless systems. Measurement is extremely fast and precise.- Amazingly convenient. - On/Off button allows you to conserve battery life. - Hold button will stop the sensor from updating the angle that it senses. Useful for those who are working in an unstable environment. - Zero button allows you to set "0" at any given position of the sensor. This allows you to see your pitch travel at any interval. - Digital sensor is removable from the blade clip portion (attached by 2 magnets), allowing you to use it for any of your household angle-sensing needs! - Digital sensor is capable of being calibrated. If your sensor isn't seeing 90 degrees as 90 degrees, calibrate it and it will. Very cool function.

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