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OXY3/4 Magnet Canopy Post

Part Number: OSP-1262
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OXY3/4 Magnet Canopy Post
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OXY3/4 Magnet Canopy Post


Following users request, finally available CNC Upgrade Magnetic Support any edition OXY 3, OXY 4 and OXY 4 MAX.

Thanks to the special design with a conical cup we assure the best magnetic connection.

Install and remove the canopy, now becomes incredibly fast and easy.



2  x      OXY3/4 Female Magnet Canopy
2  x      OXY3/4 Male Magnet Canopy
2  x      OXY3 Break Away Magnet Canopy
2  x      OXY4 Break Away Magnet Canopy
2  x      Spacer 3x6x1.7
2  x      8x4 Magnet
2  x      M2 Black C Washer
2  x      M2X4 Hex Cap Screw
2  x      M2X5 Hex Cap Screw

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