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OS 105HZ-R DRS Heli Engine
OS 105HZ-R DRS Heli Engine

OS 105HZ-R DRS Heli Engine

Part Number: OSMG1961
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OS 105HZ-R DRS Heli Engine
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This is the 105HZ-R DRS 1.05 cu in Helicopter Engine from O.S. Engines. FEATURES: Same mounting dimensions as a .90 cu in engine Machined blue anodized aluminum heatsink cylinder head Velocity stack increases airflow and enhances engine performance Pressurized DRS (Demand Regulator System) ensures consistent fuel flow regardless of the helicopter attitude Backplate accepts the Futaba BPS-1 RPM sensor for the GY701 and CGY750 gyros Ideal bore and stroke ratio for lowest vibration Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase INCLUDES: 105HZ-R DRS 1.05 cu in Helicopter Engine with 61G Carburetor #8 Glow Plug Air Funnel Check Valve 0.1mm Head Gasket 0.2mm Head Gasket (installed) Instruction Manual REQUIRES: Fuel: Heli blend with 15% nitro content Glow starter and field equipment SPECS: Displacement: 1.048 cu in (17.17 cc) Bore: 1.142" (29mm) Stroke: 1.024" (26mm) RPM Range: 2,000 - 16.500 Output: 3.7 ps @ 15,000 RPM Weight: 21.46oz (608g) Crankshaft Size: UNF 5/16-24 Carburetor Settings; High Speed Needle Valve: Approx. 2-1/2 turns open from fully closed Medium Speed Needle valve: 1 turn open from fully closed Idle Mixture Control Screw: At basic position when engine left factory Distance/Center of Mounting Holes Same Side: 0.98" (25mm) Distance/Center of Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 2.04" (52mm) Crankcase Width Below Mounting Tabs: 1.7" (43mm) Crankcase Width at Mounting Tabs: 2.4" (61mm) Width from Throttle Arm to Center: 1.6" (42mm) Height from Bottom of Mounting Tabs to Cylinder Head: 3.1" (79mm) Height/Bottom Mounting Tabs to Muffler Mounting Holes: 1.7" (42.8mm) Height/Bottom of Crankcase to top of Cylinder Head: 3.9" (99mm) Length from Backplate to Front Bearing: 3.2" (82.6mm) Length from End of Crankshaft to Center of Engine: 3.5" (88.7mm)  

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