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MSH Tetras 280 Mini Quadcopter - Red
MSH Tetras 280 Mini Quadcopter - Red

MSH Tetras 280 Mini Quadcopter - Red

Part Number: MSHQ28501
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Born from 10 years designing the most advanced RC products, MSH has developed a highly durable, light, and integrated 280 class racing mini FPV quadcopter. Utilizing MSH's advanced design capabilities with composite plastics and carbon fiber, the Tetras advances the state of the art with this highly integrated platform. Tetras features composite motor mounts and carbon fiber elliptical arms (sized to house the 4 ESCs for protection and a clean installation). Tetras also features a protective carbon cage to protect the camera from impact. Tetras includes a fully integrated power distribution board with connections for the video transmitter, camera, flight controller, and ESCs. The PDB (power distribution board) has a high quality 5V BEC (battery eliminator circuit) to power the on board electronics. Special filters are built in to prevent any electrical interference with the sensitive electronics maximizing their performance. The PDB also features flight LEDs for visibility, as well as a loud controllable speaker/buzzer, to help find the craft after unplanned landings. Features: Lexan canopy available in red, yellow, orange and clear. The lexan is 0.7mm thick for durability and protection in crashes Elliptical carbon fiber arms. Tough in crashes, while housing the ESCs for protection and a clean installation Integrated PCB to connect all on board electronics. Integrated high quality 5V BEC On board LC filters for electrics sensitive to noise Integrated buzzer/speaker to help locate the model in the event of an unexpected landing Integrated configurable LEDs for superior line of site flying or for identifying unique craft during FPV racing 0-10 degree configurable tilting motor mounts Protective carbon fiber cage for the camera, which protects the camera during hard impacts Optional servo camera mount to allow the camera to be dynamically positioned for landing or high speed flight conditions DIMENSIONS Frame Support frame made in carbon fiber 2.5mm and aluminium. Bottom frame made in one-piece high quality thermoplastic material System trasmission (motor - main rotor - tail rotor) Single belt HTD3mm Usable main blades 700mm (with short boom) fino a 800mm (with long boom) Battery usable LiPo from 10s to 14s 4000/5500mAh Battery compartment dimensions 70mmx60mmx360mm Suggested battery Lipo 12s 5000mAh Main rotor diameter 1577mm (with 700mm blades) 1777mm (with 800mm blades) Tail rotor diameter 286mm (with 105mm tail blades) Total lenght without blades 1372mm Total lenght with blades 1758mm (with 700mm blades) 1858mm (with 800mm blades) Main shaft diameter 12mm totally hollow Tail shaft diameter 6mm Fully height 365mm Swashplate servos 3x standard servos (to use the servo horn present inside the kit is necessary that servo shaft is like Futaba, MKS or Savox) It's available as upgrade also JR horn Tail servo 1x standard servo Maximum dimension of main blade root 14mm M5 screw Maximum dimension of tail blade root 5mm M3 screw Teeth pinion 20T 21T (included inside the kit) 22T (upgrade) Main pulley teeth 200T Tail pulley teeth 42T Tail boom diameter 27mm Spindle diameter 10mm Main head and tail box construction material Al 7075 (Ergal) Main shaft construction material Steel 1000 N/mm^2 (Steeltech AG - ETG 100) - See more at: http://www.msheli.com/en/MSHeli-Protos-Flybarless-System/protos-max-other-informations#sthash.nJGi5Idy.dpuf Specifications Size 280mm Battery size (maximum) 110mm x 40mm (up to 2200Mah 4s) Motor Up to 22xx Propellers 5" - 6" Height 100mm PCB Front and rear RGB LEDs Flight controller and ESC connections Buzzer locator Camera and video transmitter connections LC filters for electrical noise isolation BEC set to 5V Available in 3 colors or clear Needed for assembly: 4 ESCs (LittleBee 20A or similar) 4 motors (Xnova 2204-2300kV or similar) 5-6" props Camera (600TVL or similar) Video transmitter (25mW to 600mW) Receiver Flight controller (Naze32 rev6 etc) Battery (max 4s 2200mah LiPo)

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