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MSH Power Bus - Max V2
MSH Power Bus - Max V2

MSH Power Bus - Max V2

Part Number: MSH71177
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Wiring is a pain! Most dread wiring a model when they build it. Or after a crash it can take extra hours to remove the wiring and then re-do it. MSH took a long hard look at this problem, and created the MSH power bus for the Protos Max V2. The primary purpose of the bus is to fully integrate all the wiring that's required to connect the electronics from the front of the model to the electronics in the rear. The power bus connects the BEC, ESC throttle, ESC RPM out, 2 optional telemetry signals, and the elevator servo. The power bus and signals are routed over a printed circuit board with a protective label along the side of the model. There are inputs for the BEC where they can be plugged in using standard servo connectors or robustly soldered directly in the board. There are also extra power connectors to cleanly install back-up solutions such as the Ultraguard or Back-Up Guard product. The PCB is rated for up to 40A making it a totally robust solution greatly improving the reliability of the model. In addition it's highly modular allowing model repair without having to repeat the effort to re-wire the model. Weight with Label: 18g (weight of removed wiring is ~28g if cut to length as recommended. ~10g weight reduction overall for the model) Max Current: 40A (@30C rise, no airflow) Power Integrity Enhancements: Yes. Off loads servo-1 from the FBL servo bus, and provides higher current carrying capability between the BEC and FBL system. Ideal for very high performance/high current servos. Time-to-repair (TTR) Enhancement: Yes. Typical wiring without the Power Bus requires it be completely removed from the FBL to replace top frames. Adding 1 hour or more to the repair time. With the power bus this can be done in

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