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ICharger 406 1400W 40A 6S Duo Charger
ICharger 406 1400W 40A 6S Duo Charger

ICharger 406 1400W 40A 6S Duo Charger

Part Number: J406DUO
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This dual port charger with a color LCD screen allows charging different batteries up to 40A, or up to 70A in synchronous mode.iCharger 406 Duo is a little brother of the popular and extremely powerful iCharger 4010 Duo. Instead of charging 10S batteries up to 40A, iCharger 406 Duo can handle up to 6 cell LiPo packs up to 40A. These two chargers share the same operation interface and extra functions, such as battery internal resistance measurement, servo test, and pulse test. The charge and discharge data can be stored in a micro SD card that can be read with Logview on a PC.  Why select iChargerBest power to cost ratio.Powerful chargers in compact sizes.Accurate cut off voltage. Fast balance speed.Works with almost all types of batteries used in RC hobbies.Versatile functions and extra features available.Easy to operate than competitors' products.Excellent technical support.Very popular among hardcore RC hobbyists.SpecificationsInput voltage range: 10.0ã30.0VDCMaximum input current limit:

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