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Hobby Wing RPM Sensor
Hobby Wing RPM Sensor

Hobby Wing RPM Sensor

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Hobby Wing RPM Sensor
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The RPM sensor is an accessory of the high voltage speed controller. Function It detects the voltage changes at the wires of brushless motor, and then outputs the RPM signal. This RPM sensor can work with some speed control systems for helicopters. And one of its typical applications is to work as the RPM sensor for V-Bar system made by Mikado (www.mikado-heli.de). Specifications   1. Size: 23mm(L)*10mm(w)*2mm(H)2. Weight: 6g (Input and output wires are included)3. Working voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V(1S to 2S Lipo)4. Current: 1 to 5mA5. Voltage range of the motor wires: 2 to 14S Lipo6. RPM range (for 2 poles brushless motor): 1000rpm to 300000rpm7. Working temperature: 0 to 50 Celsius degree or 32 to 122 Fahrenheit degree   How to Use     The lead A and lead B is connected to any 2 wires of the brushless motor (Do not need to consider about the polarity). The lead C is a three color wires with a connector at the end, the black wire is the ground wire, the red wire is connected to 3.3V or 5V to supply the sensor, and the white wire outputs RPM signal.

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