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GT500 with EC5 input, 8S 500W Charger
GT500 with EC5 input, 8S 500W Charger

GT500 with EC5 input, 8S 500W Charger

Part Number: LCGT500
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GT500 with EC5 input, 8S 500W Charger
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500W (STD JST-XH balance port) , 8s Battery Charger including an EC5 input cable. The GT500 will charge, discharge, store, monitor, or multiple-cycle any current or future battery chemistry. Native support of JST XH balance connectors allows direct connection of 1s-8s LiPo/LiHV Batteries without requiring any adapters. The GT500 does not charge solely through the balancing connector on your pack. To connect the power leads of your battery pack we recommend the stackable banana cables. Click here to view that product. The GT500 also supports Revolectrix SPA and MPA Safe Parallel Adapters. Smart power management allows customer to select between programmable input power sources. Available settings include power supply input current limit, input low voltage limit, regenerative discharge rate and voltage limit. GT500 stores 1 set-up for Power Supply and 1 set-up for Battery and can be programmed to ask for verification one time on start-up. GT500 does not support charging through balance wires only. For balance charging, unit requires balance wires in combination with discharge wires (charge rate support up to 20A max). Initiate charge, discharge, store, monitor, and multiple-cycles at the GT500. The unit comes equipped with basic presets for all battery chemistries currently available as well as 28 EMPTY user preset positions. During the course of operation, any changes that are made at the charger may be named and saved down ("SAVE AS") or saved over ("SAVE") to the user presets bank. The process is analogous to opening a document in a PC application, making changes, and then using the "Save" or "Save As" menu options from the PC application to store the unique setup parameters chosen during the course of using the charger for its intended purpose; charging and managing your batteries. Best of all, everything happens at the charger, which makes it ideal for taking it on the road. 0.1mohm voltage resolution allows accurate four point internal resistance measurement of each cell. Environmentally friendly, regenerative discharge capability of up to 500W and 50W internal discharge capability which is non-regenerative. Other features include: 2.6", 128 x 64 pixels graphic LCD with white LED backlight, embedded PC USB support and free PC Software, Intuitive Navigation Wheel with inclusive push button SELECT/ENTER, plus a BACK button makes navigating menus and making selections fast and easy. All this, and many other features too numerous to mention, are available in this first of the GT Series of quality chargers exclusively from Revolectrix! Click here to view product specifications and download Charge Control Software to your PC.

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