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8x14x4 Bearing

Part Number: MR148ZZ
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Measurements Inner Diameter: 8 Outer Diameter: 14 Thickness: 4 Measurement Unit: Metric Materials Bearing Type: Radial Bearing Product Seal: Two Metal Shields (ZZ) Ball Material: Chrome Steel Retainer Material: Metal or High Speed Plastic Technical Specifications Quantity: 1 Condition: New Inventory From Factory. Quality Level ABEC 3 or Better Operating  Temperature: Sealed or Metal Shields Ranges: –20 °F to +230°F [–30 °C to +110°C]. The determining factor will be the lube and the seal material. Raceways: Finely polished superior finish for long life, and low noise. Lubrication   Wide temperature range (-50F to + 300F) High Quality Synthetic Lubricant.  

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